Build A Wealthy Spirit

#31: How To Invest In Index Funds

August 24, 2021 Sammie and Michelle Season 2 Episode 31
Build A Wealthy Spirit
#31: How To Invest In Index Funds
Show Notes

What is an index fund? How do I start investing in an Index Fund? How do I choose an Index Fund to invest in? Sammie and Michelle have been hearing these questions from their listeners and are tackling the "how to" of investing in index funds. 

Sammie and Michelle break down the basics of Index Funds. They talk about all the basics including the definition of an index fund, where to start if you want to purchase index funds and what to consider. 

Disclaimer: Status Post Adulting is an entertainment and media source and is a podcast meant for entertainment and is not a substitute for professional finance advice from tax attorneys, financial advisors and more. 

Show Notes and Resources:
What Is an Expense Ratio?
Low Cost Index Funds by ChooseFI
Index Funds vs. Mutual Funds: The Differences That Matter by NerdWallet
Part XVII-B: ETF vs. Mutual Fund — What’s the difference? by JL Collins
Stocks — Part XVI: Index Funds are really just for lazy people, right? by JL Collins
Why I can’t pick winning stocks, and you can’t either by JL Collins
How to make Money in the Stock Market by Mr. Money Mustache
FZROX vs VTSAX: Who Wins the Low Cost Index Fund Battle? by Mr. Inspire to Fi
FZROX vs VTSAX Fund Comparison by MinaFI
Schwab Cuts Fees on Online Stock Trades to Zero, Rattling Rivals by WSJ
Fidelity cuts fees to $0 as it jumps on zero-commission bandwagon by MarketWatch

Definitions via Investopedia:
Index Funds
S&P 500
John Bogle
Target Date Funds

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